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Finnish Tunnelling Association, MTR-FTA belongs to International Tunnelling Association, ITA as a privileged member of Finland with its members. ITA is founded in 1974 by the initiative of nineteen Nations. Presently, ITA gathers 73 Member Nations and 300 corporate or individual Affiliate Members.


ITA is the leading international organization promoting the use of tunnels and underground space through knowledge sharing and application of technology. Aims are:

  • to encourage the use of the subsurface for the benefit of public, environment and sustainable development and
  • to promote advances in planning, design, construction, maintenance and safety of tunnels and underground space, by bringing together information thereon and by studying questions related thereto.


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National Activity Report from Finland:

MTR-FTA Activity Report 2016 to ITA

MTR-FTA Activity Report 2017 to ITA

MTR-FTA Activity Report 2018 to ITA

MTR-FTA Activity Report 2019 to ITA