Finnish Tunnelling Association, MTR – FTA

MTR-FTA brings together top experts who are committed to promoting the research, planning and construction as well as the diverse and versatile use of underground spaces. Making use of underground spaces is a global trend. Finnish experts belong to the highest international level in the field of hard rock engineering.




Finnish Tunnelling Association, MTR-FTA is founded in 1974. The fundamental purpose of MTR-FTA is to promote general qualifications as to tunnelling investigation, design, engineering and applications MTR-FTA organizes meetings, seminars and lectures. It makes proposals and gives relevant statements. MTR-FTA co-ordinates and carries out developing and experimental rockengineering together with its member organisations and other professionals and public organisations.


Finnish Tunnelling Association, MTR-FTA belongs to International Tunnelling Association ITA as a privileged member of Finland with its members.


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