Book published: Modelling Rock Fracturing Processes – 2nd Edition

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The completely renewed second edition of the well-known textbook Modelling Rock Fracturing Processes is now published.

The book contains 20 chapters and 573 pages. All 41 authors are the leading experts in the relevant fields with many years’ experience in numerical modelling and coupled processes. The contents have been reviewed and commented by two world leading scientists in this field, Prof. Chin-Fu Tsang and Prof. Maurice Dusseault.

The new and extended edition provides the theoretical background of rock fracture mechanics used for modelling of 2-D and 3-D geomechanics problems and processes. Fundamentals of rock fracture mechanics integrated with experimental studies of rock fracturing processes are highlighted. The computer programs FRACOD 2D and 3D are used to analyse fracture initiation and propagation for the three fracture modes: Mode I, II and III. Coupled fracture modelling with other continuous and distinct element codes including FLAC, PFC, RFPA, TOUGH are also described. A series of applications of fracture modelling with importance for modern society is presented and discussed by distinguished rock fracture modelling experts.


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